Client Success

"It is not often that a management suggested program receives 100% positive feedback and glowing reviews, but that was the case with your recent High Impact Communication program. Incredibly the entire team, averaging over twenty years of experience individually, found the program to be the most on-point training they have participated in relative to building stronger client relationships."

Robert Boon, Executive Vice-President & Managing Director

A national B2B sales organization, dealing in multi-million dollar contracts achieved an 80% increase in close rate. We accomplished this by equipping the sales reps with a deeper understanding of buying psychology. They converted this deeper understaning into strategies and tactics that enabled them to make a deeper emotional connection with prospects. This deeper connection resulted in their close rate increasing from a respectable 50% to and extraordinary 90%.

B2B Sales Organization

A B2C sales team was churning through a high number of prospective customers and sales reps to achieve sales. Equipping leadership with the Sales Acceleration Process and the sales people with the means to make the emotional connection between the company's offering and what mattered to the customer dramatically increased close and sell in rates. New hire sales increased 112%. Overall sales increased by 40%. Rep turnover decreased by 50%.

B2C Sales Team

A retail sales organization was struggling to achieve additional sales to existing customers and maximizing sales opportunties with new customers. Through implementing Bill's emotionally connective leadership and sales system, they achieved a 136% increase in existing customer close rate and a 72% increase in new customer close rate.

Retail Sales Organization

A vice president and general manager was unable to connect with his audience when he was in one-on-ones, team meetings, and on stage giving speeches at various events. Bill worked with him to develop his ability to immediately engage his audience of 1 to 1,000 by connecting to what was meaningful to his audience. Bill's coaching enabled him to establish the emotional connection necessary to positively influence the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the people he depended upon for his success and the success of the organization.

Vice President & General Manager

One entrepreneur struggled to gain market traction for her revolutionary environmental restoration technologies. Bill worked with her to effectively communicate her unique solution and enhance her ability to connect on an emotional level with her prospects. The business grew from a two-person startup to be a leader in the environmental consulting field.

Environmental Entrepreneur

Bill drove an increase in sales results. He equipped me and other sales leaders to be better coaches. Bill has been the most influential partner for developing talent in selling as well as leadership growth that I have experienced in my career.

Nate Peterson, Sales Leader in B2C Sales

I immediately discovered that Bill’s approach was different. He opened my mind to a new, more effective way of thinking about sales and leadership.

David Trujillo, Sales Leader in B2B Sales

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