Research shows that all buying decisions and decisions to change are made emotionally, not rationally...

Research also shows that performance improvement programs that provide a deeper understanding of buying psychology, which is the psychology of change, increase the chance of effecting change and sustaining better outcomes.

Over the last 20 years, Bill has equipped over 13,000 sales professionals to achieve extraordinary results.

Through providing a deeper understanding of psychology, Bill equips:

Sales professionals with the ability to make the emotional connection with prospects necessary to:

  • Close more sales faster
  • Generate higher revenue per sales
  • Establish profitable, long term relationships

Sales Leaders with the ability to make the emotional connections with their sales people necessary to:

  • Get new hires productive immediately
  • Elevate struggling reps to be top performers
  • Unlock the motivation necessary to drive top performing reps to greater performance
"It is not often that a management suggested program receives 100% positive feedback and glowing reviews, but that was the case with your recent High Impact Communication program. Incredibly the entire team, averaging over twenty years of experience individually, found the program to be the most on-point training they have participated in relative to building stronger client relationships."

Robert Boon, Executive Vice-President & Managing Director

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