About Bill

I graduated college into one of the toughest job markets. Reluctantly, I took a job in full commission sales.

I quickly realized I couldn't sell my way out of a wet paper bag. I was determined to overcome my lack of natural sales ability.

As I worked hard to figure out how to be successful in sales, I began to notice something that both baffled and frustrated me.

I would uncover a prospect’s needs, get the prospect to agree I had the best solutions for those needs, and he wouldn't buy.

This set me out on a journey of now over 30 years of striving to understand human nature. Why we do what we do, and why we don't do what we know we should.

I began by searching for answers in books on sales. While there was some good info, I didn't find the answers I was seeking. I began to read books on psychology, human nature, and how we make decisions. I took what I learned and tried different approaches to see if I could better communicate with others; to influence them to make the changes they desired and needed.

Through trial and error, I have taken this deeper understanding and created a way to help Reps and sales leaders to take a deeper understanding of human nature, and use that understanding to communicate in ways that tell the story necessary to others make the changes they want and need.

Changes that result in higher sales and faster achievement of desired business results.

Changes that my clients tell me help them be more successful professionally and most gratifyingly evolve personally.