Bill Gager High Impact Sales Conversations Workshops

From the moment your salespeople reach out to a prospect or customer, they begin an ongoing conversation that tells a story.

To win in sales, this story must make the emotional connection with the prospect/customer that:

  • engages him or her into the sales conversation
  • awakens the needs and desire necessary to propel the sale forward
  • persuade the prospect/customer that your solution is the best option
  • develops the commitment in the prospect/customer necessary to close the sale
  • continues to strengthen and expand the relationship.

Bill Gager's High Impact Sales Conversations equips your salespeople with the knowledge, skills, and tactics proven to maximize each sales opportunity.

It does this by enabling your salespeople to tell the story each prospect and client wants to hear to buy from you. In Bill's custom workshops your reps will learn the true psychology of engagement and buying. They will be able to translate this deeper understanding into a greater ability to:

  • engage more prospects and clients into buying conversations
  • awaken more needs for your product or service
  • give presentations that tell the unique story necessary to persuade each prospect that your solution is the best option
  • develop the commitment necessary to overcome the status quo and close more sales
  • strengthen and expand each relationship.

Have a conversation with Bill to see if his unique understanding of what it takes to optimize your reps’ performance will help you have more control over your sales results.